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America’s oldest bank supports Bitcoin

Crypto News: America’s oldest bank supports Bitcoin, Telecom outed as DeFi sword, MasterCard, VisaCard & Uber jump on the crypto bandwagon

Welcome to a little roundup of highlights from Bitcoin & Crypto News over the last 24 hours.

A lot has happened in the cryptocurrency world in the last 24 hours. So much, in fact, that it’s fair to say that the world of crypto can no longer be accurately separated from the “normal” world. Both worlds are merging more and more into one, because the widespread Bitcoin Loophole adoption of Bitcoin & Co. is inevitable. More and more companies are also realising this, as the following Crypto News summary proves.

Bitcoin soon at the oldest bank in America

NY Mellon is the oldest bank in America, but that doesn’t automatically make it old news. That NY Mellon can still go with the trend is proven by its latest announcement. According to the Wall Street Journal, the bank is planning to store and transfer Bitcoin and other digital currencies. But the most groundbreaking news is probably the insight of Roman Regelman, the head of BNY Mellon’s asset servicing and digital business. Indeed, he explained this decision with the unequivocal words:

Europe’s largest telecommunications company is not only scratching the surface, but is already deeply involved in the DeFi sector. It is making a particular commitment to the ubiquitous DeFi oracle chainlink. The giant announced that, through a subsidiary, it now operates what is probably the third-largest node of Chainlink and supplies several projects and decentralised exchanges with the necessary data. The company reaps its DeFi fruits in the form of token rewards, which it has earned through staking. This means that Deutsche Telekom AG is no longer a rank beginner, but already a genuine DeFi sword.

Furthermore, Andreas Dittrich, head of the Blockchain Solutions Center at Deutsche Telekom, let slip that the subsidiary is planning to possibly expand its staking efforts to several PoS chains. Read more.

Uber plans to accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced that his company will not follow the example of Tesla or MicroStrategy. According to him, they will clearly not want to invest in Bitcoin at the moment. He made this clear when he said:

We will keep our cash safe. We are not in the speculation business.

So he may not officially be a fan of Bitcoin, but he still cannot ignore the prevailing trend. Therefore, Khosrowshahi revealed to CNBC today that the company is looking into whether it would be beneficial for them to allow customers to pay for their rides directly with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.